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Our second online training seminar, Colour Made Simple for Visual Colour Assessment is designed to teach the fundamentals of visual colour assessment for industry, design and research

Nick Harkness, Colour Scientist, NHPL Sydney along with Stephen Westland, Professor of Colour Science and Technology and Dr. Vien Cheung School of Design, University of Leeds welcome you to our online training seminar Colour Made Simple for Visual Colour Assessment designed to teach the fundamentals of visual colour assessment for Industry, Design and Research.

Colour Made Simple is ideal for:

  1. Large, medium,  sized, small organisations and Individuals. It enables good colour understanding and the ability to communicate colour issues within a range of departments e.g. Design, Marketing, Production, R &D plus Sales.
  2. Speaking the same colour language and using the same terminology is critical for product development, creative projects, IP and brand management when colour issues occur.
  3. New comers to an organisation. CMS represents a fast track into the world of colour measurement for a wide range applications.
  4. Universities looking to augment course material or university students seeking to deepen their knowledge on this subject over a wide range of academic disciplines
  5. People with a passion for colour

The are many advantages to an online platform for example:

  1. Available anytime from anywhere, no need to wait until a face to face seminar is planned for your location
  2. No time out for travel with related expense
  3. No time restraints, fits in with busy schedules
  4. Students can work at their own pace without distractions

Colour Made Simple for Visual Colour Assessment is based on our Colour Made Simple Course (CMS) but without the modules on instrumental colour measurement and associated colour science. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of visual colour assessment for Industry, Design and Research.

The content, like CMS, is based on the face to face workshop which I, Nick Harkness, have been presenting for over 20 years to well over a thousand attendees from a very broad range of industries and research institutions.  

Professor Stephen Westland and the team from the University of Leeds have produced the online colour exercises which are an integral component of the seminar and are designed to colourfully describe the fundamentals of colour language.

Online participants sign in individually for the seminar and there is no time limit set by us for completion.  In addition to the colour exercises there are tests at the end of Chapters 1 to 11 which need to be completed before proceeding.

Tertiary, Bachelor, Masters and PhD students can obtain a 50% discount. Please notify your course details to and we can then issue a discount coupon.

Online help is available by email only with a response time of up to 48 hours.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 9: The influence of light on colour perception

What's included?

13 Videos
13 Quizzes
7 Texts
Nick Harkness
Nick Harkness

About the presenter

Over thirty years of technical experience in the field of instrumental appearance and colour measurement working with BYK Gardner (Germany), CyberChrome (USA), Konica Minolta (Japan), NCS Colour AB (Sweden) and VeriVide (UK).

Teaching activities: A one-day seminar format on colour theory for industry and research commenced in 1991 plus teaching ‘The Measurement of Light and Colour’, School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales 2000 – 2006.

Oral and poster papers at Association Internationale de la Couleur (AIC), Australian Corrosion Association, Colour Society of Australia, Grain Growers Association Australian, Surface Coatings Association Australia and Linnean Society meetings.

 Member of the AIC Executive Committee since 2005 as an Ordinary Member (Chair of AIC Congress 2009), Secretary Treasurer, Vice-President, President and current Past-President

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